Cargo service

Riga Cargo Taxi Furniture Delivery Service

We provide furniture delivery and installation in following areas
  1. Uniformed professionally trained drivers
  2. Well maintained cargo vans
  3. Local and Long Distance deliveries
  4. Free Protection Supplies for Your Cargo
  5. Same day and on demand deliveries
  6. Schedule and routed deliveries
  7. Fleet Management
  8. Warehouse Logistics
  9. Heavy Freight
  10. Distribution
  11. Ikea delivery
  12. Furniture delivery
  13. Food delivery
  14. Packing supplies delivery
  15. Cargo Delivery to Airports
  16. Shopping trips
  17. Fine Art delivery
  18. Antique delivery
  19. Catereng service transport
  20. Musical band tranportation
Riga Cargo Taxi provides local courier and delivery service solutions to customers across the Latvia.
Cargo Van drivers take special care in handling your merchandise and have received special customer service training. They will act in a professional manner while inside your business and will accommodate any special instructions so to not disrupt your normal business activity. Drivers are equipped with hand trucks and special moving blankets.We offer basic transportation for furniture, appliances, exercise equipment, shop equipment, small motorcycles/scooters/ATVs, lawn equipment, lumber/plywood, you name it.
Longer distances/multiple trips can be done, call for a quote.
To complete furniture delivery service we use: dollies, furniture pads, shrink wrap, tape, hand truck, bubble wrap etc.
Scheduling is limited, which can make last minute jobs difficult, so try to give us some advance notice.
If what you're moving is more than driver can lift and/or shift with a handtruck, you (or someone) must be able to assist. Feel free to contact us to discuss details or for references. 
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