We specialize in moving heavy objects

Dažādu smagu priekšmetu pārvietošana

Likewise, we are also specialized in moving furniture. Lot of other moving companies may not take just furniture moving work but we take pride in moving your valuable furniture. Each of our handpicked movers are specially trained to safely deal with all of your belongings, from the largest, heaviest piece of furniture to the most delicate of your valuables. Our experienced crew and latest moving equipments ensure that our clients are satisfied and we are rank high amongst the furniture movers and Riga furniture movers.


Moving grand piano

Dažādu smagu priekšmetu pārvietošana

We specialize in moving pianos. What other companies shy away from, we take on with confidence. We are one of the best Piano movers in Riga. We use the latest equipments and packing materials and we have equipments especially designed for piano moving purpose. We ensure that your valuable piano does not encounter any problems while on the move. Our efficiency in this field has made us one of the best piano moving companies in Riga.


Hot tub Mover

Katla svars ap 400kg.

We have experienced crew and the latest equipments to help you in moving heavy items and furniture.

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